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Who said, "I failed to make the chess team because of my height."?

Nigel Short and Mikael Tal?

i dont get it. Someone explain the joke please?

da due-Tss


Chess player: My wife says she will leave me if I spend another weekend on a lichess marathon
Friend: So what will you do?
Chess player: e4, as always!

Ahahaha. Nice one :D


Is the joke because Nigel's second name is short?

An oldie

Botvinnik died and went to heaven. St. Peter is there as always letting people in or directing them to the gates of hell. Botvinnik sees Korchnoi go into heaven and thinks to himself, “Good, grandmaster chess players get to enter the heaven… ” and he can’t wait to announce to St. Peter that he is one of the greatest chess players who should get the best mansions. When he got in front of Peter he announced boastfully.

“I was one the of the greatest chess players in the world. I once beat a master in 12 moves!”

St. Peter shakes his head. “I’m sorry we’re not taking in anymore chess players since yesterday.”

“Why? I just saw Korchnoi go in…” asked Botvinnik in astonishment.

“Oh, forget that one… he only thinks he’s a chess player!”

And the Mijail's is Tal (similar to "tall"), I suppose.

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