Chess In The Park

There Are Many Parks Where People Play Chess ... I remember Chess in Hart Park in Orange California & they had a Clubhouse with Bocce Courts in the back ... Do You have such memories ? There was a guy named Walter for instance who was very old but played decent Chess . Welcoming atmosphere

Here are examples of a few such places:

Also just the other day I encountered a father and son playing chess with a giant chess set in a park nearby. I shamelessly kibitzed and helped the son checkmate the father. The son had only recently learned to play chess online (like a month ago) and was 6 years old. We all high-fived when he won. The father thanked me when we finished, so I think it was all in good fun.

Before Online Chess and Internet exist, I played blitz chess with hustlers in a large park during weekends and holidays. It was fun although I lost some money :)

Specifically for the Netherlands I maintain this Open Street Map overview of all public chess tables locations in the Netherlands.
Every now and then new public chess table locations are added. There are currently about 100 locations listed on the map.

I welcome links to comparable overviews of locations in other countries.

That's quite cool. The one in Gijsbrecht van Aemstelpark, Amsterdam looks pretty nice.

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