Chess Improvement for everyone!!


Hello !
The first trial lesson is totally free !
One of us will contact you directly in private message :D

Thanks for your interest and see you soon !

Chesscoachforyou is a great coach! The first lesson is really free and it is great! The rest of the lessons are pretty cheap and definitely worth the price. He is a funny guy and very personable. He seems to know what I understand or misunderstand and explains perfectly. There was also no pressure to continue lessons after the first class.

I highly recommend learning from them if you want to improve. I believe I have already improved 50 rating points in three classes and hope to get more. (started at around 1600 USCF). I have around one lesson a week and for me that’s perfect.

I also had a free lesson and I am more than satisfied.

Hopefully my posting is no mistake and it will not overflow! 😉

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