chess development

@Bubai1978 You will probably get a lot of answers along the lines of study tactics, study the end game, or study the openings. Personally, the best advice I've ever encountered is this: Play slower. Many chess experts state that unless you're regularly playing games with time controls of at least 25 minutes, you'll have a hard time improving.

In your case, I notice you're playing Blitz and Bullet chess almost exclusively. My advice? Play at least one Classical game a day for two weeks and see if it helps you improve. Good luck.

Fully agree with #2. Stay away from bullet and blitz. Play classical and rapid only.
Use all your time. In the next 15+15 game you ended with more useless time on your clock than you started with.
Slow down.
Activate move confirmation in your profile. Think about your move, play it, check it is no blunder, then confirm it.
Play for the center, not the wings. Develop yur pieces, i.e. bring them into play.
Play 2 pawn moves, then 2 knight moves, then bring your bishops into play, then castle preferably O-O, last but not least bring your queen into play.

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