Chess books

If you could only have 3 chess books for your entire life, what would they be?

Move First Think Later (Hendriks)
Chess for Zebras (Rowson)
Dynamic Chess Strategy (Suba)

Mine are
Dvoretsky's endgame manual
How to reassess your chess
Zurich 1953 by Bronstein

Mine are drop 200 points now, how to become a noob and never win a single game . I stole the joke, but i think its quite funny when you tell it correctly.

Attacking with Tripled Pawns: Examining the Pitfalls
The Trouble with the Endgame is that It Comes at the End of the Game
Bad Moves: You May Recognize Them; Can You Take Advantage of Them?
[These are books written by me from my personal experience, but for some reason they have not been published.]

Cry Like A Grandmaster - Ben Finegold
Life is For Wasting (Why Else Do We Only Have One of Them)- Zubi Buvuzi
Plan, and Die - Chandrabhan Madhusundhana

The Human Side of Chess (Reinfeld)
My Best Games of Chess (Alekhine)
The World's Chess Championship 1937 (Alekhine)