Chess as medicine

Can chess help cure common illnesses like colds,rashes, and foot fungus?

But it can cure mental illness.
"Chess therapy is now used by numerous psychotherapists and doctors. It has become a popular creative psychotherapy technique in the past 20 years. This therapy has been known to produce positive results with children who have bipolar disorders, depression, ADHD, and neuro-behavioral disorders"

I didn't play chess for about 20 years, i used to be a club player back then and last year i had a depression. Because of my son i start playing again and, yes, it helped me to get my mind much more stable and focused without any drugs. I'm a club player again. So, i believe it can be used as medicine, in cases as myself.

chess can cure AIDS and snoring, wonderful stuff

Frankly: No!

The quote of @littlepawns is a hoax, repeated again and again for marketing reasons.

Any mental training helps slowing some forms of dementia a little. What's working for the kids is the social competence trained by cooperation. It's not chess, it's social skills and learning to cope better with frustration and strong emotions. Physical sports are better, as more complete.

There are no controlled studies showing something else than coping emotions and social skills. You need a medium to carry those skills. Best is taking something the patient likes to keep the motivation higher.

I'm going to be honest with you. Chess is for me the best medicine I've tried so far against depression. It's one of the few things that keeps me sane and distracts me from my sorrowful life

Chess is a like brain storming game..It is no different to puzzles...It cannot be taken for curing diseases...If so, medical world never existed...Because both medical world and chess ancient belongings...Some people play for fun, some people doing research in it...If any one say chess game used for curing diseases they have to go to rehabilitation programs

@MarioGomez indeed, i feel the same. maybe because i love chess, my mind like goes elsewhere when i study or play. and that time relaxing cuts the downing spiral and stabilize the mind. Of course that, probably, can happen with any hobby that anyone really likes, like knitting, painting or reading. Probably anything that removes tension from the mind can do the same, but for me chess is really good. And i like to compete, so the winning feeling is great. Of course depression is something that only can be understand by whom suffered from it, so for who don't live with that beast, it is difficult for understand why chess helps. But yes, i would recommend for anyone who may like chess and feels depressed, like i would recomend to paint, read or take photos if they like that activities more.