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  2. General Chess Discussion
  3. Chess as a demonstration sport in Pyeongchang 2018 ?

Childish jump & run Olympia, who needs that. We had the first world champion in history. _We_ are the Number One Sport. Maybe we should allow Olympia to join us, but probably not. Dem not cool enough for us.

@no_bullet_thanks Real tennis beats us by one year even if only a real "World Champion" title counts, though (by more than a century otherwise).

I'm legitimately disappointed to see that Chess is still not part of the Winter Olympics. I thought this would have happened by now and considering that it hasn't, I'm beginning to doubt if it ever will. I just don't understand what the argument could be against it. Before we go down the road of "it's not a sport", I direct your attention to Curling.

@ProfDrHack bah, ping pong games ... that doesnt count.

;-) no seriously, you're right, tennis is older.

I have a cartoon image, that was in the newspaper years ago. It shows two chess players playing OTB with a table and chairs...strapped to the side of a mountain...The caption says "Extreme Chess" very funny! This style of play is very sporting. :]

MVL on his website ( : "It was announced in July 2015 that chess would be demonstration sport at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games, in February 2018. Have you been contacted to participate?
I vaguely remember reading in 2015 that FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov had agreed with the Korean Olympic Committee that chess be a demonstration sport in 2018. But to my knowledge, it is not Nothing has happened in the meantime and, as the Winter Games have already started, there are obviously no failures in the program. And no other discipline would justify my presence in South Korea!"

To ask the obvious question: why on earth should Chess be part of the WINTER Olympics? Every single other sport there takes place on ice or snow, at temperatures which not surprisingly are between mildly sub-zero to (presently) around -20°Cplus windchill.

Magnus, being Norwegian, would have rather an advantage. Anand would not!

Watching the list of current Olympic sports, I am still looking forward Olympic committee to add following sports:
Counter Strike
Hot-dog eating
Fridge overhead throw

Chess is already self sustaining sport with many activities going on all year round, the only thing needed is Fide management change every few years... or establishment of a separate competetive organisation, like Kasparov once tried

Most of you are too young to remember that chess was included in the Winter Olympics. The ornate pieces were entirely carved out of ice but unfortunately they melted before any games could be completed.

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