Cheating in Chess: a Different Perspective

Masters...Lichess site doing the preventive measures...Either warning of cheating evidence or if situation crosses the barometer they are prohibiting the players from playing temporarily for specific period...I don't know how much period...But some instances or cases i have seen in this site only...But the lichess taking measures to their limits..In such.voluminious games., these are happpening...How can we expect PERFECTION in this data..In my amatuer level I shouldn't post this...But as a chess lover, i don't want people to loose their interest in games..


Quote by Savielly Tartakower:
"It is well-known that chess and music go well together, and many are those who have achieved unusual proficiency in both"

I hope your soul will soon heal from this bad experience which you made with this chess (.com ?) site.

Mistakes may happen, this is also one of the reasons we do not appreciate public or private shaming, nor do we accept accusations.

If your account has been restricted in some way or marked, you have a chance to appeal
Your case will be reviewed again, and if it indeed was a mistake the ban will be lifted.

#6 I'm not sure why you think anyone accused you of something. But since we cannot have a civil discussion, as it pretty much always is the case with threads like this, I see no other way but to close this topic.

Thank you for voicing your opinion.

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