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I think one player is cheating with angine after around 20 moves. Reported of him around two days ago but he is Still not banned. He plays pretty badly first and is losing but starts to play like stockfihs after around 20 moves. Hes rating is over 2000 but his blits rating is very low. Is it even possible that suddenly u are finding so many engine moves when U dont really find any at the starts.

what his user ?

Doesn't seem to be cheating to me, you simply got outplayed.

Starting move 17 you play one weak move after the other. Do not blame external factors, blame your own weak play.

maybe he is cheating but that level of play is normal for someone rated 2000. the knight moves are strange at first glance but you can see the plan in his head.

Anyway, you lost this is because you made many mistakes toward the end, cheating or not he would have won

No public shaming please.
If, after viewing the game analysis, you still think your opponent has cheated, please submit a report against the user. You can report them by clicking their name and clicking the report button on their profile. Alternatively, you can use the report form: ... Please do NOT post about it in the forum; YOUR POST WILL BE DELETED.

Mods, please close. Reported.

he got banned

Use or click report button on that person's profile page if you want to report a person. As it has already been mentioned, posts publicly shaming or accusing other people will be deleted.

Thank you.
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