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  3. Cheaters

I was informed many times that I lost to cheaters and they added points on me because of that. I didn't see that reflect on my actual points. Am not keen on points anyway, I just want to play chess and enjoy the game. But it's not fun anymore if cheaters are rampant. Why they allow cheaters to play chess anyway? It ruins your ability to play good chess. I was champion here many times and it disgust me that cheaters are allowed to play. They should stop them playing in the first place!-Nimbus16,

Being educated on a subject is key before presenting a counter argument.

You want us to ban the cheaters before they cheat?

That's a neat trick!

asta nu inseamna ca daca ai jucat asistat de motot o vei face mereu

IM Lovlas: Yes, please! But without banning any innocents. ;)



@cyanfish LOL

They shouldn’t be allowed to register!

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