Cheater 101

I recently was playing 15+15 games in order for me to practice in a longer time control so I can gain more experience. I recently bumped up to a player who keeps disconnecting and coming back after 5-10 seconds. And based on his move, I am certain he was cheating, and I even reported it to moderators.
Question: If you are in my position, knowing your opponent is cheating: Would you play along? Or just quit the game?
It's quite degrading when you take your time looking for the best moves but still being gunned because your opponent is using engine. I'll appreciate your comments or suggestion's. Thanks in advance.

I too have had that kind of opponents, but i don't know if they are just good players who can perhaps do some other thing at the same time, particularly because i'm kind of slow player. So usually i just play on.

If I think someone might be cheating, I play until checkmate. Just because someone quickly plays good moves you've missed doesn't make them a cheater, they could just be good (or lucky in their choice of move).

But when you force them to play until checkmate and they are still taking the same five seconds a move when they are a queen up for nothing in an endgame, or when they take ten seconds to play an obvious mate in my opinion this is one of the clear 'tells' of engine use.

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