Cheat !!! - glock was grey - seems my opponent disabled his own glock and so i lost on time

Cheat !!! - glock was grey - seems my opponent disabled his own glock, instead my glock was ticking !!!! and so i lost on time - watch my last game - please check and ban this guy and pls give my points back.

since when are you allowed to bring guns at a chessgame?

General advice: Not always, when something goes wrong, it is necessarily a cheat. Faults happen, and in this case it was most likely on @Reini 's side, maybe a browser add-on, that prevents the website from being correctly updated.

And when I see such kind of ridiculous radical conclusions like "Cheat!!!" (!!!!!) etc. it comes naturally that some people should be banned from expressing any opinion about this game until they have an appropriate rating.

@Vycm and @Shiaxou thank you for bringing some amusement to this thread.... it's depressing to see that people have conspiracy theories about "my opponent stopped my clock!", it happens quite often and the sad thing is that such people don't want to be convinced. If you tell them that their internet connection was bad, they'll say "My opponent sabotaged it!" etc etc.

Sometimes, you can inadvertently press previous when your opponent move.

Your clock starts ticking since it's your turn to play, but you can't play since your board is not updated with your opponent move.

It can be tricky in quick games (bullet/blitz) since you are usually very focused on the game and you start panicking if can't play, but it's very easy to correct when you have understood what happened.