Championship Match London 2018-Magnus Carlsen vs Fabiano Caruana-What's your predict?

Carlsen will win tiebreaks, but classical will be a pretty close match.

It's going to be a very interesting match. My prediction is that the score will be 6.5–5.5 in favor of Carlsen.

I come from the future and I know who is the winner. Well, I can't tell you guys to avoid messing up the space-time, but I can tell a tip: one of the winner's name starts with "CAR".

I would like Caruana to win for change but I think Carlsen will win

I didn't know timetravelers froms the future had such an exquisite sense of humor... Did not irony die back in the age of Trump?

I don't think space-time will be messed up according to the multi-verse theory anyway... You must tell everyone which Car... wil win.

@hangrad This discussion has been beaten to death all over the internet, but let's be clear.

The only one of those 3 who legitimately just switched from "home" federation to US was So.

Naka's family moved to the US when he was 2 years old, so unless you think the US somehow bribed them to do that thinking that this 2 year old was going to be really good at chess, he doesn't count as being bought by any stretch of the imagination.

Caruana was born in the US,lived in the US until he was 12, and played for the US federation until he was 13 (and nearly 2400 FIDE).

His family moved to Europe, and while his federation was changed to Italy, they never lived there, so it's a bit silly to pretend that Italy is somehow more his "home" federation than the US is.

Wesley is the only one for whom things are clearly as you describe it.

At any rate, on the actual topic of this thread, I suspect another very close match. These matches are relatively so short that with players remotely close in strength, really anything could happen.

It's hard to bet against Magnus, who I suspect is a small-to-moderate favorite, but a Caruana win would not shock me at all.

It promises to be quite the event!