Championship Match London 2018-Magnus Carlsen vs Fabiano Caruana-What's your predict?

Hi lichess community
8 November is day of Opening Ceremony in London,
9 November will start 1st Round of 12

What's your predict for this match?
Maybe you have some predictions?
Who will be Champion in this year?

My predict is-
1 Round-1/2-1/2
2 Round-Win of Caruana
3 Round-1/2-1/2
4 Round-1/2-1/2
5 Round-Win of Caruana
6 Round-Win of Carlsen
7 Round-1/2-1/2
8 Round-1/2-1/2
9 Round-Win of Caruana
10 Round-Win of Carlsen
11 Round-Win of Carlsen
12 Round-1/2-1/2

Final Result will be draw and tie-break in my opinion

I think more draws, and it seems almost impossible to have a win on the 2nd round vs. Carlsen

My predict is-
1 Round-Win of Carlsen (carlsen draws white)
2 Round-Win of Carlsen
3 Round-Win of Carlsen
4 Round-1/2-1/2
5 Round-Win of Carlsen
6 Round-Win of Carlsen
7 Round-Win of Carlsen

Final result: 6.5-0.5 Carlsen-Caruana
Think it'll be pretty match one sided maybe 6.5-3.5 at worst for Magnus.

lol actually, caruana isn't weak at all. Stronger than Karjakin who Carlsen had to go in rapid in with

There are always surprises. Caruana must have prepared something special for Carlsen. I expect Caruana to win some games. It should be less drawish than the Carlsen Karjakin match.

I think it will be 7.5-4.5 Carlsen

I think Carlsen will win, but it'll be close.