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I'm Bored. So i will create a challenge for everyone to see.
Every few days, I will make a challenge(s). When you prove that you've done it below, you get points.

1. Mate someone in 25 moves (10 points)

2. Explain why a knight looks like a horse in 10 or fewer words (2 points)
ex: (no copying, and this is false anyway)
The knight riding the horse fell off, and got lost!

When 17 challenges have been given, I'll tally up the scores and see who wins. Good Luck!

2. The horse went in a brain transplant and switched brains

It's not a horse, it's a unicorn!

Wow! An amazing amount of 3 people answered the question.
2 people successfully did the mate in 25 challenge!
At 9:30 pm US Mountain Time, I will count the scores.

Current Scores:
@realpawn: 12 points!
@ElijahReese: 2 points!
@Tactx: 13 points!

Hmmm..... If you manage to do the challenge twice, it is worth 1/5th extra. No more, though!

The horse went in a brain transplant and switched brains. 10 words
It's not a horse, it's a unicorn! 7, arguably 9 words, still counts even though it doesn't answer the question.
Looks like a horse because it can jump over people. 10 words (grammar! oh well.)

Less than 25 moves. Looks like a horse because it can jump over people.

No one choose the Fool's Mate or the Scholar's Mate--that is a real challenge. However, no one choose to do this for black.

2. Lazy, greedy, and cheap manufacturers.

Have you ever thought that
'lower folk see only horse when knight comes for them'
You said 10 words so fuck the grammar and take it as a medival indian wisdom

When is your next challenge?please notify me.can i use my coach's help

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