Carro Kan

Anyone have any god videos or articles on the Carro kan? Also the vienna. Thanks This playlist has a good number of videos about the Caro Kann by NM Caleb Denby, but you'll have to watch 40-50 minute videos to learn the major variations, and he did a video on the classical variation but it's not in his new series and not too great so you'll have to learn the classical variation your way. Other than that, his analysis is top notch and is actually done on lichess so you can even find his studies And I sort of also did the lines, so you can check that out if you want too.

But don't focus too much on openings, it's better too improve at tactics and endgames...

@concrete_steve or anyone else there is few Discord servers can help you. I have 650+ member one and we can try to help you all. Make us more active and play some games or ask questions about openings for sure!
Thanks ya all for joining and being active!

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