Engines are designed to tackle this very issue. In my mind an engine doesn't need an opening book against a GM to get to an ok position for the middle game, am I wrong in this line of thinking?

And I'm not trying to annoy you, this is what I use together with the Lichess opening explorer, it's freaking awesome.

+0.2 after c6 d5 and depth 42 means in my world = or thereabouts.

What do you use to evaluate the validity of an opening?

Cool, got me thinking that people that hate facing the caro, probably hate facing the french

From white point of view, Caro-Kann is frustrating because it is nearly impossible to get any sharp tactical lines started early. But, don't forget Tal's smashing victory against aparatchik Botvinnik in their first title match. There is an awkward weakness for Black around moves 7-9, but hard to exploit.

1. e4 c6 2. d4 d5 3. f3 and you are guaranteed a sharp game

@A_0123456 Wow, never thought of that. My database shows the same -- volatility. How's the weather down there?

Or for God's sake avoid the caro-kann by playing 1. d4 and try for semi-slav Botvinnik, sharp slav accepted lines, nimzo indian defense, or QGD exchange variation.


"The refutation to the Caro-Kann: 1. e4 c6?? 2. d4 d5 (forced) 3. Nc3 dxe4 (forced) 4. Nxe4 Nd7 (forced)5. Qe2!! Ngf6 (forced) 6. Nd6#"

if you think caro kan is a forced mate for white, you clearly don't know what "forced" means. Read a book

Caro-Kann - boring but solid. White doesn't get very much from the opening but Black gets even less. Hard to break down, but also giving Black less chance to play for three results.

Less chance, not no chance. Of course I'd get stuffed by any 2600 player who played the Caro against me.

And I don't necessarily mean boring=bad, now I find positional manoeuvring and playing for small edges far more appealing than I did when I was a bloodthirsty junior determined to give mate in 25 moves.