Carlsen advocated an interesting idea

Of having a large tournament every year, to determine the world champion. He consider this to be more difficult and even more fair. However when only his opinion wasn't enough, so the current system remains -- which to be honest, I think is quite alright -- he said, "ok, no problem; I will hold the title for a long, long time, then." All of it in perfectly good cheer. Pretty good idea or no? What do you think?

I prefer the current circle. It seems much more epic to have 1 challenger, who has to defeat all the other elites to gain the right to fight against the WC. Moreover it is the only clash where 2 players prep against each other for months.
The only thing I would improve would be the amount of games. Carlsen said that for him 18 games would be optimal. I agree with this statement.

I agree absolutely and in every respect. I think it's good too because they're players you know. Well put and good post. 18 games makes sense. You know having tons of games, 20 or more would seem cool but curtailing seems better really.

Tournament would be better. For starters it would force player trying to win far more than the match format. also surpirising resutlt make headlines and in tournament obviously there is a chance for bigger surprise. Also I thing selling such event for medea would be easier

I think he said it mostly because he is bored.

Personally, I like the boss fight style present format. I followed the chess world cup too, and while I appreciated new challengers emerging, I wanted to see more of the matchups between the top guys.

So the Candidates and the Boss fight is what I like.

It sounds like Carlsen is very arrogant. He might be the master now but who knows what kinds of players there will be in the future. No doubt he will eventually be beaten eventually and it seems to me like it would be a insult to whatever master comes after Carlsen to weaken the title.

As far as I know, Carlsen hasn't won the World Cup and that format with knock-out after 2 game matches and rapid++blitz is indeed very exciting and it gives new players the chance to challenge the top players. It would be nice with more tournaments in that fighting format. I'm kind of fed up with seeing the usual names play/draw each other for the 115th time in the usual tournament format.

But for a world championship match it should be some variation of the traditional match format. Back to 24 games and the challenger has to win the match (i.e. no tiebreak) - or first to 4 wins since these guys can draw straight from the opening if they want to - so some kind of incentive to play for a win would be appropriate. And a limit of maybe 30 games if someone does a Kasparov and only plays to draw to avoid losing the match while down 3-0.

There is a long and rich history of candidates cycles and match play for the title. Personally I wish that the candidates was done in the form of match play the way Fischer had to do it... where he had to go through Taimanov, Larsen and Petrosian before going head to head with Spassky. The current tournament situation allows for too much manipulation where someone's countryman might throw their game against a fellow countryman to slingshot that person higher in the standings.

Agree with you.
That format would also give the challenger some match experience, which could be invaluable since Carlsen has much more experience in match play than everyone else in his generation.