Can't play in tournaments?

I've been playing on this site for a bit now and I can't remember having played any tournaments. I went to participate in a rapid tournament and it isn't letting me. It's just throwing me into the main page when I try to join.

This seems kind of strange, could anyone explain why this is happening?

do you think you deserve to play in a tournament? are you a fair player?

If you answer those questions honestly, you will have the answer to your question.

Your profile says: "This player uses chess computer assistance."

Please contact the support for further questions.

Oh, that's interesting fuxia. I think I understand why, but I don't cheat. I've been going on a steep incline in rating for rapid since I've been mainly playing on other platforms and improving there, so maybe it thinks the increase in rating is because of assistance? I'll have to contact support then.

Thanks for the help.

right. so last week you play 60 to 100 average centipawn loss, and all of a sudden you play like 5 perfect games in a row ? Please enlighten us on your improvement methods. What sort of enjoyment do you get from cheating ?

lol 5 perfect games in a row after a 60-100 centipawn loss rating? This is the reason I don't play here anymore.