Candidates tournament officially suspended.

Predictable, they should have postponed the event in the first place.

It is a pity. An 8 pêrson tournament is safe by itself if the 8 participants are healthy at the start.

Yes but he was tested and negative.

@tpr it is because the players are unable to return home, which would affect their state of mind

fide being fide again... this should not have started at all... and now what you do with radjabov??

D: It was such an interesting match. Lets hope they find a way to continue the event soon, somehow.

I feel for Radjabov and the other players who protested but attended. I can only guess Russia paid FIDE to not cancel the tournament.

Some of players are going to have a hard time getting back into their country. (not if they were australian, we have planes full of coughing people pass through boarder security, get on public transport and in taxi's to go home)

While I feel for Radjabov, MVL hasn't wasted the opportunity. He's played some entertaining chess and obviously leading atm.