Cancel Draw

No and there never will be. Reason is, your opponent might spend time on thinking about accepting, if you withdraw, he lost time for nothing.

Or put it in OTB terms: I offer you a draw, you accept, then I that making any sense?

@MarshawnLynch You cannot!

According to FIDE rules:

"the offer cannot be withdrawn and remains valid until the opponent accepts it, rejects it orally, rejects it by touching a piece with the intention of moving or capturing it, or the game is concluded in some other way"

So think carefully before offering draw because you cannot take it back while your opponent thinks about it.

The opponent is entitled to accept pondering about it until his last second.

The correct sequence to propose a draw is as follows:

1. Make a move
2. Offer the draw
3. Press the clock (Which stops your timer and starts your opponent's timer.
They can then take all the time they want to think about the draw offer.
There was no distraction, because a move was made and so before pressing the clock the offer is said and the opponnent now has all the info required to accept or refuse the draw.

Now to make it correct on Lichess, I recommend this sequence change:

1. Press the draw offer, but it's not yet sent but enabled;
2. Finish your move;
3. The opponent now gets both the offer and the move at the same time and thier clock is running like it should be.

"La séquence correcte pour proposer la partie nulle est la suivante : effectuer uncoup, offrir la partie nulle et actionner la pendule de l'adversaire. Si un joueur ne respecte pas cette séquence, l'offre de partie nulle est toujours valide, mais l'arbitre peut pénaliser le joueur fautif selon l'Article 12.9"

Since so much speed chess is played online, I recommend this sequence:
1. Check a draw offer checkbox.
2. Your opponent can agree to a draw at any time, unless you uncheck it and then they make a move.

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