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  2. General Chess Discussion
  3. Can you think about an impossible position ?

#10 @Sarg0n
Not sure which one you mean.
#8 the white king is not in check and black to move - but there is no way to attain this position through a legal preceding move of white.
#9 white to move - but there is no possible "preceding move" for black.

Aha, the board is reversed in #8.

But then the last Black move was taking a piece on b2 followed by a „random“ white move. Stalemate.

nice one @Koelschlenny

@Sarg0n congratulations for finding that flaw. Here it is in all its beauty from starting position. But I guess #9 remains valid.

If I am not mistaken, another simple solution is the initial position with black to move.

#7, #15 initial position with black to move can be reached by wasting tempos with the knights.

#16. Go ahead, make my day! :D show me the game! @hangrad

#16: "Initial position with black to move can be reached by wasting tempos with the knights."

That was my first thought, too.

But, actually, wasting tempos does not work because knights (and the rooks which are free to move once the knights are out) always need an even number of moves for any round trip.

Apologies to #7 CM Sarg0n - had not realized that you proposed this case already.

aha that flow... nicely found