"Can you play a bit faster please bro"?

"Can you play a bit faster please bro"? These are the words of someone who 'OPTED' to play a 15+15 casual classical game!?.
Presumably they say something similer on all speeds of Chess games they opt for and then play!

Here's the supposed thought process -

"Right, I think I'll play bullet today, and if my opponent keeps moving fast then I'll make a point of damn telling them so too, yeah" !!

"Right I think I'll play without increments on this
game, and when I run out of time and lose, I'll complain to my opponent that I didn't have enough time to Crush them, yeah"!!

"Right I think ill play ultra bullet today, and as in the case with bullet, first I'll damn tell them they are moving too fast for my taste, and furthermore
if I lose I'll claim that my opponent used an engine, yeah"!!

"Right I think I'll play 'Hordes' today, Oh what's this!?, there's way too many pawns attacking here, I'm going to get ANGRY real SOON! as its just one thing after another on here"!!

"Right I think ill play a no time control correspondence game then, Oohhhh what's this!? Can't you play a bit faster bro!?
I mean it's been a week now and still no move to be seen, I can't sit here forever you know! what's going on!? They're all crazy on here yeah"

I hate when someone says "play faster", for example in a tournament chat. I believe the one who said that must be automatically banned for 10 mins or so to calm down.

Nice rant. I think it can be summed up as: Be prepared to spend as much time as you're agreeing to per the time control. Conversely, I think people who get upset about flagging are a bit dramatic too since they also agreed to play within the time restrictions when they opted to play the game. But I think that can of worms has been opened a few times before.

Mute chat, play in zen mode, ignore everything except for the chessboard. People are weird, from asking you to play faster, to calling you every name under the sun to trigger you.

@tpr yeah i don't turn chat off because most players respect other players use of time , and so i don't want to miss a decent conversation or respectful 'gg' wp' exchange etc. i only wrote this rant as a bit of a laugh really at the absurdity of it all.

@qardis Yeah, i mean if could read the board position fast and immediately make a decent move, then i would not be playing at 1520 online rated , i would be crushing 2000 rated players all day long right lol.

@Le_Rosbif Yeah, i had a guy the other day who offered a draw at move two ! in a classical casual game. as if something 'rode' on the outcome of our 'high level' game ! lol.

@Mrchess78 were you rated higher than your opponent? I will never understand some people. I constantly face draw offers, and then a resignation as soon as I decline that.

They're mostly blitz and bullet players that want to have a high rapid and classical rating, but don't have the patience for it