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  3. can white force a mate here?

@mCoombes314 You are telling lies. He didnt. He gave constructed examples but he showed no game which was actually played.

OK, which question do want answered? It started off as "Can White force a mate here?" to which the answer is no. That does NOT mean that it is a draw on time though (see any of the other hundreds of examples in the forum). Are you looking for an answer to #18? @Sarg0n isn't obliged to give you an "actual game" because there is no rule that states that a position must have appeared in a game already for it to mean anything. As long as the position is legal, it COULD appear in any future game, and because the position is legal, the "following moves" from the position may as well count as an "actual game". It would be impractical (but not impossible) to work backwards from that position to the starting position and create a game. Is that what you want?

EDIT: maybe there are positions which appear legal but cannot be reached from the normal starting position, I wouldn't know though.

Hey, I ran out of time in this position:
(I had black.)

Stockfish couldn't find a forced mate in <20 plies, so I think the result should be a draw. This is so unfair!!!! Pls fix asap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think you mean you had White pieces, since this isn't shogi or go and White moves first.