can someone explain this please

I mean he is strong playing rapid and NOT overrated at classical as it seams to me. Strange, but possible. Some players create separate accounts for blindfolded play.

@Gogland Yeah , it's probably all ok, us Chess folk are always pondering on something right, hehe . we win some we lose some.

There are a lot of player wil only occasionally play classical. Because of this their classical rating lags behind their actual rating.

Hehehe I enjoy playing provisional players, so much I often lose a hunnard points and stay with them for weeks at a time😭.

I know, as a fact, that this is frustrating, not at all a fact of life issue, as a matter of interest, one could, perhaps, entice the devs, to write in a script when during matching s, (which include a comparative analysis of the two potential players), as well as take into consideration that a player really does not want to either, play provincial players, or lose unnecessary points when unwell matched.
The comparative analysis can be done with a preference panel, where we can opt out of common pairing misfits.

A good example of this issue is my account, where I play mainly rapid, (10k games) my other time controls the amount of games are much less than my rapid, (less than a hunnard) much less in rating, as well. Mainly because I suck at chess, not because I am godlike in rapid.
But this doesn’t take the sting out of my playing opponents similar rating and losing.
When playing blitz, currently @ 1300, are my opponents really playing a 1600 (my rapid) (not really I managed to drop to 1300 all on my own.)

I would like to opt out of being paired with provisional players.
I would like to opt out of being paired with players such as my self playing blitz with a rapid rating 300 points higher.
Perhaps I would like to opt in playing against opponents with low cpl in a particular opening.
Perhaps I would rather a high cpl in ‘that’ opening 😀.

#15: As a suggestion, might I suggest playing the <1700 rapid arenas? That would probably take care of all of your concerns.

@Acerb8 i think the comparison between rapid and classical is far closer than the comparison between rapid and blitz as far as rating goes, especially at our current level of ability.
And i would guess that those opponents you mention who are on 1300 blitz probably could be 1600 rapid like you say you are, just that it's very different playing at blitz speed (not that i would know for sure, because i don't play blitz).

rapid rating shoudl usually better thab blitz as thre are far more people playing blitz than rapid. Rating system makes median to be 1500 so if the pool is weaker then the ratings go up.

Ratings are meaningful only within a pool. To compare different pools you have make converision formulas. Which would then fail AT LEAST on people whose skill are betteworse suited to a particular time control

@petri999 Yeah, personally i only play classical 15+15 as it seems to suit me playing slower, especially as i have much to learn yet everyone's different i guess as to what they prefer.

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