can lichess accounts last for ever like 10-20 years?

For ever? No.
10 years? There are accounts that are older.

@NightMareMaster If you are wondering whether your account will ever just close on its own, no.
It goes on until either you cheat and it is closed for you, or you choose to close it.
If you are just here playing fair chess, no one will take that away from you, ever.

if a big, unexpected inheritage is in the package i can wait 10 more years before moving to the bahamas.

If lichess runs out of patrons the supernova might turn into a white dwarf or a black hole.

Scary thought. That means in 100 years most of the accounts on this site will be owned by dead people!!

If Lichess runs out of patrons, forum will crash, games would explode, puzzles would collapse and the server would turn into a black site and the system would die!

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