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  3. Can I learn chess only via lichess training?

Can I learn playing chess via training?e.g. I do not understand why it continously shows situations like to get a simple piece like a horse is always worth interchaging queens.... It is as if main purpose of Queens were taking advance in one piece along the match..

Yes you can learn chess via lichess training only.
Among good player an advantage of one single pawn is enough to win and the plan to win is to exchange all other pieces, then promote the extra pawn to a queen and then checkmate.

Then the good stategy is getting one pawn advantage through quuen suicide and then turn to a very defensive nood till the end. This means I should not think of chessmate till much later.
I understand. Chess is more a marathon. I must learn kickly and try blitz not to get bored. Thnx a lot, master

what are you talking about

According to tpr...
Any gambit or pawn sacrifice loses! (Among good players)
Hilarious the "chess knowledge" imparted in the forums.

Gambits are no longer played at top level.


So Wolga Benko, Ruy Lopez Marshall, Dragon, 9.0-0-0 d5, ... loses. @tpr is always there when it is about trolling :)

@Guzig the idea is that if you are up a piece then exchanging other pieces will result in an endgame where your material advantage is simple to convert. In the middle game the opp may still mate you, this becomes more and more difficult the more pieces are off the board.

I suggest you start with training endgames, then you will understand why being a piece up is a good thing in general.

@no_bullet_thanks The idea is that if you are up a pawn then exchanging pieces will result in an endgame where your material advantage is simple to convert

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