Can I improve on my own by playing so many games?

Bruce Lee said, "I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times".

If I play so many games of one particular Opening, will I improve my level of play? I watched lectures on youtube on how to analyze games, but I just can not understand the depth of such analysis. Sometimes I win, and that is mostly due to blunders the opponent makes.

In my opinion, the more you play and analyze your games, you will definitely improve.

This January, when I opened this account on Lichess, I was rated ~1200 (Blitz/Bullet primarily). Though this was partially because of my inexperience playing faster time controls, with steady perseverance and a fair amount of analysis I managed to get myself up to what I consider a modest rating.

For me, the most helpful channel (in regards to YT) for analysis and beginner improvement would be ChessNetwork, whose videos helped me grasp numerous concepts far better than I ever did before. Agadmator is also a good channel if you want analyses of top games.

Hope this helped!

Thanks General. I came across Hanging Pawns at YT, and he seems to provide in depth analysis. As a beginner, I still have a hard time understanding everything in one sitting.

>Sometimes I win, and that is mostly due to blunders the opponent makes.

thats pretty much how chess works.

Let us look at an example
You were completely winning. Why did not you take the rook 6...Qxa1?
You play way too fast.
At the end of this game you have more time on your clock than you started with.
Play slower.
Think about every move.
Activate move conformation in your profile.
"Sometimes I win, and that is mostly due to blunders the opponent makes. "
This observation is true: you win because of blunders, you lose because of blunders.
The first thing to do is to weed out blunders from your games.

With correct play you can improve your skill.

No.1 Think hard.
No.2 Be persistent.
No.3 Slower time controls.

You've given also good advice by tpr.
Bruce Lee was a smart man. If you wanna be the same than you better follow these tips.

Thanks @tpr , yes, that is one of my so very bad habits that I find it hard to undo. I play so fast.

That is probably psychological due to the fact that when I started the game as a child, my mother would come out looking for me every time I play with the neighborhood kids. That way, I wanted to finish a game before I suffer the spanking from my mother.

Now that I returned to chess, I feel those childhood habits came back too.

If one play using classic time control, repetition will help, especially against stronger opponents. But blitz or bullet you dont have time to create new brain conections. We will repeat the same mistakes. To make matters worse, we can even reinforce our mistakes even more! This is a feature of our brain (mind): the ability to conditioning.

I'm a 1900-ish player, and I can play thousands of blitz games with no rating gain... But in few days studying deep some position I can get better. That means I get better by studying and not by playing. But I think in classic or even rapid, play many games can be usefull too.