Can anyone help me to improve at Blitz?

Im stuck at 1300-1400 elo in Blitz and dont climb any higher after playing 200+ games at this elo. I would really appreciate it if any of you could quickly check a few of my Blitz games out and explain my biggest motives for making mistakes to me.

with kind regards

Not sure i am able to give you really good advices
stop playing so much blitz (event against bot) and take time to play slow games in order to train your brain to ask the good questions about process thinking, pîeces activity , security, and so on.
In the game against rk_fb001
6. Nh4 ? is there any tactical reason ? is your threat hard to prevent ?
worse, :
7. Nf3 : you lost 1 tempo,

Review your lost games (without stockfish) and try to think again about your moves (the good and the bad one). Did i use opening principles ? did i see threats ? did I search for check, capture, threat ? Did I look for patterns ? Did i check my move security ?

I think that if you can do it on slow games, it will be more instinctive during the the

I'd say you actually need at least a couple of thousand games before you start seeing the wood for the trees. Alphazero played millions!

I’m about 2000-2100 depending on a day, so while I suck I can give you some tips since you’re a bit lower rated at this time.

Tactics! Solve puzzles, and solve them repeatedly, until you know the solution instantly. Take 300 -1000 puzzles like from a puzzle book or an app and do the entire thing 7x from start to finish. Make sure to visualize every sideline from the beginning a few times etc.

Read a general chess book or better a couple. I really felt Silmans books and My System “speaking” to me when going from 1000 to 2000.

Do “guess the move” book where you cover up and guess the moves from real games of top players. Leonard Barden’s “How good is your chess” comes to mind. Do all 35 games over and over until you score perfect 50 on each.

Watch youtube videos of openings to develop a bit of an opening repertoire. I like Simon Williams (aka Ginger GM)

Moritz, the advice Sholmes49 gave is sound. First understand what you do, then the results will follow. Play slower so you understand what you do.

And if you just want to play blitz to have fun, don't forget to sacrifice and play crazy gambits ;)

At your level practice as much tactics as you can. Some opening tricks, the basic gist of your favorite openings. THE ENDGAME. And learn to notice all checks at every move.

Play more games, 1000 more applying what you've learned, you'll improve.

solve tactics regulary and review your blitz games afterwards in order to improve your next games

we need new topics, you can find answers for this medieval thread in the numerous threads made by noobs over the years..

* i also suggest you to reflect your lost games. find out where you went wrong and what to play next time. If you make an error again and again, make verbal notes in a study.

* Have not looked at your games, but at this strength in general doing tactics is good. may be an inspiration.

* The youtube video thing is a good idea. This format seems to be pleasant to use. Start here: and then search for the terms which you dont know on youtube. If you are searching for openings, get Scid and have a look at its great eco file, then search for that on youtube again.

* Read an endgame book. Seriously, do it. Bernd Rosens endgame Manual is nice. Awerbakh has also written nice endgame books.

* If you have concrete questions, ask here.