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  2. General Chess Discussion
  3. Can anybody tell me how to improve dramatically at chess.

I have been playing here at lichess for over 2 years and have improved from 1200 to 1700/1800 in bullet(I mostly only play bullet.)

I have started studying chess using a few books that I found online and using the analysis board to learn openings. Am i doing everything correctly.

Does anyone have a way (step wise) like opening first and then tactis or something like that, that will help me?

Stop playing bullet, play rapid instead. Do not care about openings, learn endgames first.

You gotta take the ... Sacred Brain Shrooms. Instant improvement, I guarantee it!

1) Beginning
2) Tactics
3) End Games
4) Openings

Only move Knights, guaranteed!

Ahh, @GMScuzzBall, I see you know of the the Canadian Defense?

Allow Hambo to explain..

Play against software on highest settings. You'll be in a bad mood a lot (because you'll be slaughtered) but if you're stubborn I don't think there's any way to improve faster.

@vedantkarandikar All the great masters have reached such a level with great dedication. Even those who were prodigies like Bobby Fisher and Magnus Carlsen. Despite the talent, both devoted much to the study of chess.

The only thing that actually works is to start playing better moves. If you follow that step you'll see your rating improve in no time.

I can say that after following IM lovlas' advice, I've been playing much better.

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