Can a 1300 player play a "perfect" chess game?

Why are there so many hateful comments? Why does it matter how the video is produced?
If you choose Lichess' video library you will find many videos that haven't been made on Lichess.

And why shouldn't Blake advertise his videos? Just consider if you find them instructive. If yes, search more of him. If no find others, there are so many.

I tried a couple of his videos, and I think he is able to imagine how a weaker player as myself thinks and how they make wrong decisions. There may be better instructors, but I am sure even much better chess players than Blake might be worse teachers. I watched many videos where GMs could not really explain why some move was bad - maybe some would be grat instructors on a higher level, but not for me.

Btw, no offense implied: @BlakeyBChess, so why do you not use lichess for your videos, after all?

@Sybotes Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the video

I don't use Lichess because I like other sites better - I see no need to mix up what analysis board I use, it shouldn't matter. It's amazing that people think it does

Any video topics you'd like to see in the future? Feel free to sign up on and we can keep in touch - it's free!

I guess it's a totally fair and balanced trade-off.

Lichess users get to watch a free video.

Video creator gets access to all the Lichess users to promote his website via his video.

It’s not a “ video” even. It’s a video I made for my own personal site that happens to use an analysis board from that site.

How about worrying about what I say in the video instead of which site the analysis board is from?

I had a look at chesspathways, it seems to be some kind of cult, I get the feeling that a few people are drawn to it because they're freebie-chasers too cheap to pay a few bucks a month for a membership to a more comprehensive chess website. The values of the people it attracts is pretty bad.

Haha ok, keep bumping the thread for me

If anyone’s interested in the content of the video I’m happy to discuss that!

Blakey: I want to support a lot but "lying" isn't one of them. The video isn't your site. It's obviously Now if you linked your site to an analysis board, that is cool. But this has written all over it. I don't care where you analyse. I myself use this place, chessable, chessbase. But you lose potentials when you fib. Puts question to your ethics. And while a majority of lichess users are flea market shoppers, they are most likely not stupid enough to believe it's your site with analysis when everything including the address bar has Linking the site to your site isn't making it your site.

@MeWantCookieMobile uh I never said the video physically displayed my site. Lol, I can’t believe I’m having this discussion. Obviously it’s no secret where the video was filmed, like you said I put it right in the address bar. I said that I didn’t make the video FOR I definitely made it WITH

The question is why you people CARE where the video was made? Is it really so hard to just watch the video and listen to the message of it instead of caring which site it was made on?

I don’t need or want the “support” of anyone shallow enough to worry more about where the video was filmed than the ideas contained therein.

Again I can’t believe I’m even debating this. If I was wiser I’d just ignore obvious trolls and morons, but ah well, free bumps to the thread like I said.

Yeah calling lichess users morons will definitely give you positive feedback.
The only moron here is you.