Can a 1300 player play a "perfect" chess game?

And why would other websites be more comprehensive than lichess?

And who are you to call out lichess users when you haven't even spent any time on this site other than spamming the forum with your training programs.


I think the main benefit of using lichess as a tool to show your videos is two fold.

1. It creates a familiarity of the software for the group you want to attract. Which is beneficial because then they know you know how to utilize the teaching features.

2. It helps lichess determine who is more likely to help their "cause" and it might get them interested in listing you on their tutor page. (Or if you're on the tutor page already, it might help raise you in the list.)

Other than that I think it's a matter of taste. I teach myself. I offer online lessons but the bulk of my students are basically live and in person. I don't believe having a lot of students makes you a better teacher. I believe being able to focus less gives more of a personalized feel. I lightly advertise in groups or forums but don't expect anything serious online unless they in box me with serious intent.

Have you tried being listed as a tutor on lichess? I believe they go as low as 2000 on the main tutor page, or they might even dip into the classes if they offer good rates.


I think the tone of some of the critique was unnecessarily harsh and I agree that it's (very) weird to dismiss a titled player based on their Lichess rating. However; I also think that

"If a 1300 player can use this approach to crush a player 200 points above him and start the game with 20 essentially perfect moves even though the opponent deviated on move 9, you know, how can you say the approach is not practical?!"

is a weird thing to say. The validity of a method or an approach isn't demonstrated by the fact that ONE player using it did well in ONE game. That would be demonstrated by people using that approach or method achieving good results over time compared to people using other methods.

EDIT: I also second the post below.

> I get the feeling that a few people are drawn to Lichess because they're freebie-chasers too cheap to pay a few bucks a month for a membership to a more comprehensive chess website.

I think the criticisms against your post were ridiculous, but I think you lashing out and criticising other players for having the wrong reasons, in your eyes, for playing on lichess puts you on the same level as the #2 post. People who can't afford to donate are very welcome to play on lichess, even those who can afford to donate but don't want to are welcome.

What do you think about the people who use lichess to make money but don't themselves donate?

@rokoroks I'm not sure I see your point. Do you have to spend time in a cult to be allowed to criticize the cult? I'm not calling out all Lichess users, merely making the observation that quite a few people here have the same attitude you have. Maybe your experience is different and that's ok - most people are never going to take action to improve at chess and I can't waste my time trying to convince such people.

@WS83 Naturally it wasn't meant to be a scientific study with a sufficient sample size. I'm showing one example. If you want to be skeptical, that's fine.

I can't help people who are constantly looking for a reason to stay in their comfort zone and not take action, or who can't learn from a video if the analysis board isn't their favorite color. It's alright if you don't like the video - we can agree to disagree :)

This thread was never anything else but a promo for "Another Chess Site".

Hah, ok! If there’s one person here who actually wants to learn from the message of the video, it’ll be worth wading through all the people who want to play “chess site wars.”

Wow, so much drivel here. Here are some relevant responses:

Yes, implying that perfect chess exists - and that a 1300 player can execute it, no less! - is absurd.

No, having a title does not make the above not absurd, nor does it make someone a good teacher.

Lichess is a fantastic web site.

If this Web site is popular because it is used by people who don’t want to spend money, then your decision to try to get people to pay you for something here is a pretty embarrassing one.

You are the only one playing chess site wars.You don't use this site but you condemn the values of the man who set the site up.You insult users here who choose not to be forced into paying for things they will never use.Are you paid by any chess site?When did you reach NM level?When was the last time you played in a FIDE rated game?Chess titles are there for life..that's why I ask are you a currently active NM?

I’m not attacking the “Lichess creator’s values” lol. Just commenting on my observations about some of the people those values have attracted. There’s good and there’s bad.

No one has to pay me for anything they don’t want to. This video’s free. It seems many people here are offended by the very concept that someone would dare to charge money for value provided.

I’m a NM as of 2018 and have played FIDE rated games in the past year. I’m not paid by any chess site except my own.

Still waiting for people who actually want to discuss the video! If you’ve made up your mind that you don’t like my content then I’m not sure why you’re still posting here, though I guess I should thank you for bumping the thread for me.

I’m not really here to debate, though it seems I’ve been sucked into one. Plenty of other content out there to watch if you don’t like mine.