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  1. Forum
  2. General Chess Discussion
  3. Cabra Xadrez Cup

It will start in less than 50 minutes the First Cabra Xadrez Cup.

Please feel free to join.

My best,

Dr. Beco


Inicia em 50 minutos a Copa Cabra Xadrez I



Password / Senha: cabraxadrez

Starts in 10 minutes!


Welcome to join.

Just to make it clear: it is closed now (the first tournament).

But I will use this same topic to inform you guys about new tournaments, so to not create a lot of different topics.

See you.

II Chess Cup "Cabra Xadrez" - II Copa Cabra Xadrez

Data: 24/Fev/18. 22h40 (UTC+3) Duration 1 hour.
Time control: 10 min + 10 sec incr
Password: cabraxadrez

Join and Good luck!

This one is open, no password needed.

Good luck! :)

Theme: Giuoco Piano!

Lets goo!

New tournament soon!

Join us!

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