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  2. General Chess Discussion
  3. Bug. Game suddenly ended in a draw. No repetition and no 50 moves rule violation.

HAHAHA Great!!!

Wow, it was so *sudden*!

But you did exceed the 50 move limit some 200 moves ago. I don't understand why a draw wasn't declared then. That is the real bug. Also you were in violation of the excessive boringness prohibition. Did you not get a warning? Consider yourself warned now.

You can't exceed 300 moves.

#5, which "real" bug? Are you sure you applied the rule correctly?

@nayf: The 50 move rule resets in the event of a pawn push or any capture. It's really only for situations where neither side is making progress.

@laatikko: thank you for a link for a similar post. I agree with admins, that they restricted game length, but we players need to receive note with this explanation of deviation from rules.

@Sarg0n: Yes. Look - LaserGuy explaned.

The last capture of the game was move 45 Qxb6. So 255 subsequent moves without a capture. I didn't realise that a pawn advance resets the 50 move count.

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