Brick wall ceiling, no point playing.

Also it might be worth keeping in mind that chess is supposed to be fun. We can have fun even when playing poorly, or when we aren't improving.

Fun is my problem. I am overloaded with playing for fun that's why I play bullet all the time.
Chess is just a hobby. A 'beautiful waste of time'.

I can tell that the best way to improve your game is to play slower time controls such as slow rapid,or classical.Next thing to do is that you may need to study some variations(not only main lines) of tricky and tactical openings.You can find out an instructive video about italian game opening here:

Of course,there are more tricks and traps over all in chess game than shown in this short video :)

To improve,you will need to also fix your weaknesses e.g. study lines you are weaker at.(I am doing bad in the Spanish game opening) To remember some main concepts of the line,try to play it over and over again until you improve in that "bad" line.That is the thing i usually do.Hopefully, this helped a little bit :)

This was the first video I ever watched. I know all the Italian lines well.

Chess has developed a cult-like following over hundreds of years which has tricked many people into thinking it is a game that is superior to others, has some divine complexity, and is a test of intelligence... but really its just a silly board game that has no more reason to exist than Checkers or Grand Theft Auto.

It doesn't matter how hard you try, there will always be a computer better than you. This changed my perspective to stop focusing on becoming the best and simply start focusing on finding new ways to make the game interesting and exciting for me.

If you think it defines your entire life - that's your funeral. If you just want to enjoy the game - you can do that too. If improving your game means a lot to you, then let it mean a lot to you, but don't feel as though you 'owe' the game of Chess anything.

Chess is nothing more than what you make of it.

Everyone has ceilings, it took me almost to 2 years to get to NM even when I went up to 2180s for a short period of time

@rickrenegade This is Magnus Carlsen's FIDE lifetime graph ( ). Check out October 2004 to October 2005. Right as Magnus was about to smash the 2600 barrier and go from yet another prodigy to imminent world champion suddenly over the next year his achievement is to have lost 11 points. And that was over well over 100 tournament games.

Everybody reaches a point where they're not going to get any better without starting to put in some serious work, but an even more important part is how you deal with "plateaus" that often aren't really plateaus at all. Lots of people just give up and chalk it up to old age, insufficient IQ, didn't start playing with they were 3 months old, or whatever other excuse. When in reality they were just going through a normal rough period like literally every single person who's ever played this game against decent competition has, and will, face.

The point here is that almost none of us will ever come remotely close to reaching our true potential. And the thing that stops most people is that they simply get discouraged and give up at some point, justifying it with some spurious excuse.

Don't do that.

Chess is Not about getting Rating, the Rating is just a stupid number.. Chess is supposed to be fun

>>> as said before put in some work or more work
>>> encourage you to use Lichess Chess Insight tool, I checked a bit for You, and saw, that you are doing great in openings and endgames(blitz, rapid), but middlegame is pretty poor, may be that's where you should strengthen up ;)
>>> rating might not exactly indicate your improvement, better focus on your AVCPL, which you can get from Check insights, filter then for date, time control, etc. it's very useful tool to know your game better... if your avcpl decreases (improves), means you are getting on a good direction
>>> your puzzle tactics rating is 2029? come on man, make it at least 2200-2300, puzzles are the routine for somebody who wants to get better in chess ;)