Brick wall ceiling, no point playing.

I have gone above 2000 eleven times this year, but can't go any higher.
I'm starting to think this is my ceiling and there's no point playing anymore.
Every year I have gone up +100 points for 8 years and have got used to getting better just by playing. I'm not willing to do real home work and actually study.

Has anyone else experienced this? What did you do to change it?

Chess gets harder and harder the better you become. It might be time to put in some work.

I'm going to assume you are referring to your bullet play on here (as you have a singular, minuscule, rating deviation in recent rapid play); as someone who also spent a lot of time around that mark (and for a similar length), don't give up hope of improvement (without serious study) yet! Personally, I just played a lot against 2100+ rated players, (often unrated), and realised I had to play faster than them, which sounds obvious - its bullet - but to actually shift up a gear, and not blunder like crazy, takes practice. It's not really about the chess content per se at that rating barrier.

(Also. The volatility of bullet on here, due to lag, time of day, length of play, tilt etc. is rather large - so swings of over a 100 rating points are easily possible; your actual playing strength may be nearer to your goal then you realise.)

@lovlas Did you experience this on your way up to your title? Is it a huge amount of hard work then? I only started chess as an adult. Do you think that affects things?

@CoffehCat I'm referring to everytime control. I've hit 2000 in area category. But yeah if I can't get my best game bullet / blitz higher then there's no hope. I suppose I could just load games up against +2100 players only, play fast and attack them. But perhaps you are genuinely a 2100 player anyway. I'm already overstretched compared to my over the board long play...

Everyone does in some way. Every single person has periods where nothing is working. Even the very best chess players.

@rickrenegade: I guess it depends; for me I consciously noticed that my level of play was getting there but my time usage was poor. To up my speed & tactical awareness, I found it useful to watch top games (from the likes of Magnus,Hikaru etc), and try to beat them to the best move in the position (a la guess the move). It's a good check on all areas of your play.

I don't think you can quantify people's potential in such a way as to internalise someone as naturally being some rating (it limits not just them, but yourself too, to think in such ways). And if you are, say, 2000, in all areas of play then that suggests you play at the same strength regardless of time control; so there is scope to improve time-management.

well, study is the key, do you best, i not study and, 1500 is my limit.

@coffehcat I do think everyone has a ceiling and it's a blend of intelligence, tactical awareness and age is a factor with the ability to absorb information. People can go higher with hard work for sure, but everyone slows down.

I think bullet is destructive too for learning. I banged out 20,000 games this year and have nothing to show for it.

^ I also think bullet is destructive for learning. There's only a certain amount of progress to be made by improving speed and intuition. When playing with longer time controls you are forced to think about your moves and positions. Then you'll find new ideas that you can also implement on your bullet play.