books to improve from 1800 ELO

Recently I have hit 1800 elo on rapid and blitz (yes i understand slower time controlls are better in order to improve faster). I feel like I could use some theory beside other things.

What books would you recommend for my level?

"Silman's complete endgame course" by IM Jeremy Silman is great for mastering common endgames from beginner to master level, with different parts for specific rating levels.
"The Amateur's mind" by IM Jeremy Silman is a great book for learning positional ideas and learning from common mistakes in amateur's thought processes.
"Fundamental Chess Openings" by Paul van Der Sterren is a good book to learn common ideas in many openings as well as some theory.

I'm about your level and I have found those books to be very helpful. Obviously improving your tactics and being able to spot both common and unusual combinations will be helpful. Also try to learn from your mistakes.

Logical Chess Move by Move by Chernev is a must read for any improving player. Opening theory wise I'm not totally sure what is appropriate but don't buy a Grandmaster Repertoire book there are move by move series of books to look into. This channel: has good videos with some sample lines. I would recommend learning the classics - e5 against e4, QGD against d4, and e5 against english. e4 or queen's gambit as white. Later on you can experiment with Indian defenses, Sicilians, etc

"My System" - Aaron Nimzovich, is still quite good and it is free
and of course any endgame book

1. Master basic endings, book by Silman is good enough.
2. No book would help you more than analyzing your own games. This can be done with Computer Analysis.
3. Make a record of your openings using Study feature on LiChess. And keep doing constant revision of that study.

1. Silman's Complete Endgame Course OR 100 endings you must know by Jesus De La Villa.
2. Pick some openings as White and Black and study them thoroughly; Here are some suggestions:
A) If you are d4 player: Starting Out 1.d4! By John Cox is very good.
B) There is also the Starting out 1.e4 book by Neil McDonald but I haven't read it.
C) If you play the Caro-Kann as Black Jovanka Houska's book is good but GM Lars Schandorff book on the Caro-Kann is by far the best CK book. It's a GM preparation book and really advanced but if you have studied Houska's book or already know the Caro-Kann well you should be able to read it.
Players at 1800-2000 should mainly study Openings and Endgames (IM John Bartholomew in his 'climbing the rating ladder' videos).
Best Of Luck!

Maybe a bit more advanced, but here are some books I've enjoyed reading.

1000 Checkmate Combinations: Victor Henkin (improve your checkmating technique.)

Forcing Chess Moves: The Key to Better Calculation by Charles Hertan. (improve your calculation through finding more of those strong forcing chess moves.)

Chess Tactics for Champions by by Susan Polgar (Learn the tactical motifs in a nice easy to read format.)

Capablanca's Best Chess Endings by Irving Chernev (Studying the endgames is always great, and who better to study endgames from than Capablanca.)

My 60 Memorable Games by Bobby Fischer (Going over nice analysis of very strong players is always instructive and helpful, and here can read it from one the world champions.)

Chess Training Pocket Book: 300 Most Important Positions by by Lev Alburt (This book is nice because you can look at the puzzles in any location, at home, while travelling, on your bed, in the car, in the library. The book shoes you a set of puzzles and the answers are on the next page, so you can test your skills and enjoy solving these in your head.)

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