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  3. Books on TACTICS / h a l p

What books on tactics would you recommend? I also found some pdfs:

-Winning chess tactics, Seirawan
-Back to basics tactics, Heisman
-Learn chess tactics, Nunn
-Chess tactics from scratch, Weter-something
-Tal's winning chess combinations, Tal
-Tactics time, Brennan (this one is not better than lichess tactics)

Are those good? Which one should I read -first? Or maybe are there better ways to improve my tactical skill?

Chess Tactics from Scratch has a special position as Weteschnik develops a structured mechanism to detect tactical possibilities, but in general you will profit from all books as long as you read them ;-)

Thanks #2

By the way, sharing is caring, so MP if interested

My favorite is Forcing Chess Moves by Charles Hertan.

Start with any. Your rating indicates that technically any book shall help with improvement. Learn, comprehend, apply! Good luck.

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