Blunder of the 21st century ??

How can a player of Kramnik's caliber, a world champion who hovers around the Elo 2800 mark, overlook a mate in one move? Here's his 2006 public game against Deep Fritz:

It's truly unbelievable... any other great examples at the top level in the last ten years?

you are such an idiot for putting that title on the thread. Extremely misleading its basically clickbait. Everyone is already aware of this blunder, congratulations..

@Manglecopter -- newcomers to chess will not have known of that game. It was surprising to me that a top player of the world could have overlooked being mated in one move, something a newbie could solve in a CAPTCHA to make a post here. At any rate, your hostility is clearly unwarranted on this forum -- moreover, you *FAILED* in responding to the key question of this thread.

I tought the blunder of the 21st century occured in the famous game noob2chess-amurat, 01-July-2016 on move 44 ( Instead of 44...Rg5+ winning the Queen and the game, Black played 44...Rc2 and got checkmated by 45.Qb7# on the next move.
But joking aside -- that happens to all of us...

haha that is a funny one happycruncher how many games did you look through to find such a fitting situation? probably not many :')

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