Candidates Day Eleven: Hyper-Bullet, the Breakfast of Champions

@watford said in #27:
> Alireza Firouzja should also consider he has unbalanced the fairness of the tournament. Even if you are in last place, you are professional and should equally prepare well for each game. The players in second and third place cannot be happy with Alireza Firouzja's actions.
> Alireza Firouzja should be thinking long term and make the most of this opportunity in this tournament. He has the capability to be world champion, but needs to work on his behaviours. Chess is more than just chess, it is being human, controlling emotions and drawing on other fields such as philosophy, classical music and theatre. Perhaps he should broaden his education, rather than just focusing entirely on chess.

Absolutely, lost alot of respect for Alireza after this

it feels weird watching Radjabov play so seriously after watching his streams. hope his rating goes up<3

Whilst I think it was bad for Alireza to play hyper bullet before a candidates match. I think you some of the people on this thread are being ridiculous. "He unbalanced the fairness of the tournament" - No he didn't. He was already in last place and was unlikely to have an other impact on the tournament. He was struggling to have any real positive influence on this tournament from the start. He is a young man who is only really just finding his form. Overall this hyperbullet extravaganza was a highly questionable decision but looking at his previous form its doesn't seem to have altered his course. He was still using a ridiculous amount of time for certain moves, ultimately its more than one night of hyperbullet that has caused him problems at the tournament.

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