Candidates Day Eleven: Hyper-Bullet, the Breakfast of Champions

@TheBlunderingNerd said in #3:
> I am actually looking forward to a Carlsen - Nepo rematch (if it happens). Quite a way to go!

I am looking forward to it to! Magnus is quite good too along with Ian

The article is criticizing Naroditsky and firouzja for playing hyperbullet in Madrid, and Nakamura's game just because it was an Italian.

Leave personal opinion out of the article perhaps? Starting to sound like American media in here.

@Msharaj said in #25:
> As far as I know, there are total of 16 rounds.
I got to know the actual number and it's 14 as each player plays other twice.

Alireza Firouzja should also consider he has unbalanced the fairness of the tournament. Even if you are in last place, you are professional and should equally prepare well for each game. The players in second and third place cannot be happy with Alireza Firouzja's actions.

Alireza Firouzja should be thinking long term and make the most of this opportunity in this tournament. He has the capability to be world champion, but needs to work on his behaviours. Chess is more than just chess, it is being human, controlling emotions and drawing on other fields such as philosophy, classical music and theatre. Perhaps he should broaden his education, rather than just focusing entirely on chess.

As many have pointed out, you are allowed to have an anonymous account on Lichess, and many GMs already do. We even allow anonymous titled players to compete and win prizes in Titled Arenas without identifying themselves to the public. Our title verification form asks if you'd like to remain anonymous to the public.

If Alireza had played on an anonymous account I would have never ID'd him in the article.

@watford said in #6:
> Bad preparation by Alireza Firouzja.
> He needs to work on his emotionally intelligence.
> I do too!
> Chess can be addictive and needs to be controlled, there is a fine balance.
> He should work on his well being (perhaps play a music instrument) and exercise between rounds. He needs a coach mentor. I will not preach too much, as I've made my own mistakes. This is history now, so there is a stamp on this event. He needs to work on preventing it being a recurring event. I recommend Alain De Botton, the School of life, his book consolations of philosophy should cover it. Visualise, by writing out the event on a piece of paper and releasing it down a river, whilst listening to pianist Yiruma, (이루마) - River Flows in You, top Korean musician.

@FlinkerFreddy said in #7:
> I think lichess should reconsider the public access to some personal lichess activities. Whereas alirezas decision seems questionable I wonder what implications it has that this is immediately available to the public.
> Maybe a simple option would be to officially allow two accounts per player - one Bering the public one and another one where he goes incognito

Agreed. Lichess privacy settings are horrible compared to the high standards the site keeps up everywhere else.

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