IM Minh Le Obliterates a Titled Arena while Soccer Slowly Fades into Obscurity

Annoyingly, soccer is midly acceptable - it stems from the 'soc' part of association football. Association football, though clunky, would be more proper. I suppose what was written was probably the most apt phrasing for the filler element of an uninspired blog post on a chess website.

@Deadban said in #3:
> Thank you so much. Finally truth was spoken.

What the heck! Where did you grow up? What's "saawcur" anyways. (Excuse the accent)

@nieldcfc said in #32

> And to put this debate to an end, the ONLY correct term to call the sport by is "football", not "soccer" (as the game originated in the UK and over here, we call it "football").
> Silly editors, when will they get the facts right? ;)

That's the first sensible thing said all topic.
To specify FOOTBALL originated in London. That is in ENGLAND. Over here we say FOOTBALL. Have you got it yet?

@pd159 said in #15:
> There are at least four grammatical errors in this blog post this time, impressive

I finally understood what you actually meant. Oh boy and soccer.

The whole world calls it football. So it's football. I still wonder why the author thinks football is wrong. Why am I interested in this anyway?

So much trigger already, add to it the light mode image

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