Stockfish 13 NNUE on Lichess

The issue I'm having with the new engine is that it's slower to get to a stable evaluation.

I'm sure SF13 is better than SF12, ok, but I trust quite a lot SF12 at depth 30. SF13 at depth 21 or 22 is not convincing at all, for instance in opening prep. And it takes some time to have enough depth in the new analysis...

Maybe that will be fixed, or it will improve over time.

Is it correct that I don't get to see an analysis at all anymore now in Firefox? (it works in Chrome, in Firefox I am no longer offered an analysis?). I read that SF13 support for Firefox would arrive later, but does that mean in Firefox there is no analysis at all, or do I just have to change my settings?

i use Chrome 88 and I've never been able to use SF13 cos it keeps loading forever(see screenshot), is there something am supposed to do first?

below is the details of my browser and machine am using someone kindly assist if am missing something

any way i can add this an an extension so i dont have to keep downloading 20mb every time i go into analyse?

Super cool to see WASM SIMD support. Lichess >> every other chess site

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