Black Lives Matter

We didn't want to detract from the message in the main post but we anticipate a few negative responses.

"Stick to chess, no politics" - Lichess is not a political organisation and we feel that equality should not be considered a political issue but a fundamental right.

"All lives matter" - All lives absolutely do matter, but to that we would like to offer this cartoon to demonstrate our thoughts here.

"Why don't you support issue X instead" - There are of course many worthy causes to support, in the fight for equality. We encourage you to donate to any of these which you wish to, however it is not a reason not to support Black Lives Matter.

Thank you lichess, for supporting this. There is no real politics, as it is not about presidential candidates, but something that is declared a human right.

I think its great that lichess is not treating this as political, but a necessity that must be done.
R.I.P George Floyd and all the hundreds that were murdered due to police brutality.

I'm all for equality, but demonstrations in the middle of a pandemic is just stupid.