Who is GM Konevlad?

Since it's tilted tuesday and players must confirm their identity and title providing trustworthiness, it's kinda silly not revealing the actual name of the fide TITLED players,more than that players are allowed to actually claim ''fake names'' in their profile page . i mean this should be a somewhat a professional tournament with money on the table, not a random smurf showfest with no stake and prestige at play.

Why are we talking about being a man? Couldn't it be a woman?

He's Anton Korobov, guys...
Same style, opening repertoire is similar, same country as Konev (Ukraine), high-level blitz...
Need I say more?

I mean you verify the FIDE titles, should that be possible without a name on it?
Also did you pay the price money through Bitcoin so that he would stay annoymous?