Kramnik on Fire in Day 2

it is a pleasure to see vladimir kramnik performing so well in this tournament for charity. he is not playing actively anymore but yet is still able to compete (& to win!) against some of the best blitz players on the planet. I wish him great luck in the finals tomorrow

Svidler scored 6/7 on day two ? wow.

what i would recommend to vladimir kramnik against grischuk is to not get into the positions where grischuk has a pawn less, since he understands these positions & the compensatory factors for the material very well. i don't think vladimir kramnik needs advice for his final opponent since of course vladimir is much stronger than either peter svidler or evgeny tomashevsky. although of course peter svidler is very strong in his own right

Surprised to see Nepo do somewhat poorly.

Huge congratulations to lichess, our open source community for hosting such a big event.

Where can I find their handles?