Star-Studded Struggle Sees Supremacy Secured

@Komokid my point is it can't be Vladimir Konev, there is no other Vladimir Konev other than the basketball player who happens to be a GM.

King Carlsen, He is best at everything in Chess ( blitz bullet rapid classical) that basically makes him the GOAT

@Komokid if you look it up on FIDE's database there is no one named Vladimir Konev who has a GM title. The name in his account is fictional.

How are these progress videos being done? What is the tool name :) Not asking for source of data only a time-progress-bar ?

I am sure it cant be done in any excel'ent spreadshoot :)

Vladimir Konev
I love green fields and I ride like a horse towards Magnus. I'll be there soon, I'm on my way.

seria Konevlad Caruana? Firouzja? Nepo?

Is nobody gonna talk about the amazing alliteration assembled?

Just wanna say: enjoyed the title of the article :)

The animated graph for the April 2020 Lichess Titled Arena was wonderful.

It could have be nice to see it in another form like a horsey race, without moving the user names.
The time bar would move towards the left and on the right you would see the horsey's move forward, passing other colored horsey's. When the time stops moving, the last stretch of the users bars would continue a bit and then a few chess pieces would show the winners. The King in first place....

The video animated graph action was assume. Never seen one like that before. I hope to see more of these graphs.
Finally something that a TV news cast could show ... the pace race effect of chess arena players on Lichess.

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