Regium: Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence

I for one hope the spanish manufactor of the boards will sell some of their beautiful boards after this

It's not their board, they bought the board from another company. ( goes full berserk on the explanation for this) the piece set is ulbrich.

:) I live in Portugal, and bought my chess set from Poland. Didn't even knew that Spain had chess boards manufactors... They have a great portfolio indeed!

@Mi5ter_t One word: wow! Such skill, is great to see. Saw a couple of months ago a russian guy creating a chess board with the cold war theme, all handmade in metal, beautiful to see. This guys are real artists.

LOL you guys are really angry.
What did I say ?
I believe Regium is scam. But according to "etsy" website it is handmade.
Regium has nothing to with pieces and board manufacturers.

I was also here to join the investing bandwagon. Now I think it is going to far @AcademicNinja99


I agree - seems some here misunderstood that the board and pieces are a real product, manufactured by a company that has nothing to do with the scam.
Actually, if you look at the price of the pieces and board alone, this is another indication that the kickstarter can't be real, if you consider the cost of the technology that would need to go in there. This would be way more sophisticated than SquareOff (which is basically a robotic arm in a box), plus a more elegant set of pieces. This would need to cost a small fortune.

Practically it is not a hard technology to create the magnetic board because there are $1500 Auto pilot drones with 4k camera.

The only problem is small scale manufacturing in small market . Thus being said, the cost can be as high as $5000.