Regium: Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence

@Muleskinner I agree with you, don't really like the method of destruction of the board, but that system is much more real than the movie. On the other hand, it would be much more slower than the electroimans matrix idea, never to be used in a bullet or even a blitz game, for example.

I think the top comment on Kickstarter should indicate more clearly that it's a scam. The top of the comment section is kind of messy right now, with multiple hidden comments and comments that may be confusing on their own. I would like anyone who glances at the comment section to immediately be put off. Does anyone want to do it?

Guys, they are currently only about 80% of the way to their goal, if we can keep the amount pledged below the goal for 2 weeks, they will gain nothing out of it! And I think we can do it, so we have already succeeded :D

They will back the project up with their own money to collect the current 80% of 50K. But, hopefully, kickstarter will do something about this until then.

From comments in kickstarter, besides the huge ammount removed comments...

"INCREDIBLE SCAM -please help us poor chess lovers by REPORTING THIS KICKSTARTER

Evidence on lichess,, chess24 and LITERALLY"

"The video for this is fake! Backers BEWARE!!"

"This project is a scam, check pretty much any comment not made by the creator himself. Loads of evidence here:"

" Regium took out an ad in New in Chess with quotes from 2 companies that now deny having provided any quotes."

"This Project is most probably scam:

First of all to all supporters: It's your money so you decide by your own.

But as on other investments you should take into account informations regarding the project.

So I would recommend you to read at least the following sources and form your own opinion. It's not too late yet, because you can withdraw your support before the end of the campaign."