Regium: Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence

Man, if only someone would invent a chess board that can also be used to making phone calls and texting.. That would be awesome. Who's picking the glove? Angel? Can you help us out?

Im surprised nobody has pointed out the legal implications of the threatening email, which can now be considered blackmail and extortion, if I'm not mistaken.

hehe - mini-drone is a horrible idea :D
Noisy, slow and possibly dangerous.

An electromagnetic array works pretty well - fast and accurate - and I guess is the idea behind this fake product.
Here is an example from a while back, don't see why it could not work for moving pieces around at high speed:

We need Elon Musk to perfect the tech :P

@Panagrellus you don't jump - you move like 'Square Off' - nudge pieces in the path slightly out of the way, and slide the knight through.

Talking about inventions there already are robots with morality circuits (ethics) - those could find a well paid job in creating start-ups - the loans would be cheaper as the businessmen would not make fools out of banks and the other way around

You can securely click that link to a video as that robot simply "never gonna give you up, never gonna make you down, .... and desert you" :)

When a real automated chess e-board finally comes out in some years, this dude will surely issue a copyright claim and threaten and insult the serious manufacturer.

This seems to be result of hard work, probably from one person, at least from the marketing perspective. The movies, the site, fake photos... How much could give to him/them? 50k? With so many ways to steal money, why this? After the kickstarter fails it would collapse almost in the minute, with backers claiming everywhere the fraud. And why chess, with players having in average an higher IQ, as well more knowledge in all fields (lots of engineers to doctors to marketeers to managers...) than every other sports, more physical ones? If i want to do a scheme with high tecnological gadget, i wouldn't try to cheat engineers... Not to mention that chess players form a closed (because less mediatic focus of this sport) group, isn't that more dangerous for this kind of scheme? Who did this had to think that all highlights from the sites as lichess, or chess24 forums, among others would be talking about this. He/they didn't thought that his/their marketing had this kind of success?